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How do our kids grow up SO FAST?!

Cliche, but true... 

We spend 18+ years sharing advice (when allowed.), moral support, and mostly, just letting them feel our crazy-immense love for them. So, as our firstborn graduated high school and prepared to head to college 1/2 way across the country, I began brainstorming simple but meaningful ways to remind her of our support from afar, in a way that she would really appreciate. Thus, the idea for SendingSun began. 

Finding unique and well-designed products/spaces is a comfortable place for me (an architect by trade). I love discovering creative and unexpected items. 

Quality goods that I know will bring a smile or laugh, inspire, look festive in their space, or even a few useful (but always cool) items. 


As the SendingSun idea developed, my kids and their friends started to offer great suggestions. I realized that their collaboration was key to creating monthly boxes that they themselves love and parents feel good about sending. We now have a group of college students, in schools across the country, select each item in the monthly packages. 

So fun!

Our goal is to share boxes that contain an abundance of unique items that students look forward to receiving. To give your family a fun and easy way to keep connected.

And, whether they are near or far,

add a touch of joy to their day!


I hope you, and they, enjoy SendingSun!

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